• To educate students to have good civil responsibility to the society. HKVNSAAS aims to bring up Students with good personality and moral based on Four Confucian Injunctions「孝、悌、忠、信」which means, piety ("孝") to one's parents , respect ("悌") to one's older brother , loyalty ("忠") to one's monarch and faith ("信") to one's male friends. Students will be well developed in througth ethical education ("德"), intellectual education ("智"), physical education ("體"), social skills education ("群") and aesthetic education ("美").
  • Focus on Teachers' Professional Training and Development
  • Focus on the co-operation and relationship with Parents to help Students' understand self value, explore potential ability and develop correct outlook on life.
Evening Vernacular Teachers’ classes organised by The Hong Kong Specialist School of Science and Technology for in-service teachers (“Ye Shi”)、Vernacular Normal School For Men (“Ri Shi”), Vernacular Normal School For Women (“Nu Shi”), Tai Po Vernacular Normal School (“Bu Shi”) were the Early Years of the Hong Kong Art Teacher Education School in providing professional training to qualify teachers for teaching. The Graduates formed Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association ("HKVNSAA") in 1928. Based on the rationale towards qualifying teachers in teaching, HKVNSAA has been one of the formal organization in delivering Teacher Training in Hong Kong since the Early Years.

In the early stage of HKVNSAA formation, Primary School was established to help children from economically disadvantaged families continue their education. Also it provided a good teaching environment for HKVNSAA Students as Teaching Internship. At that time, HKVNSAA was fully supported by the Head of Education Department (also named as “Ti Xue Si”) and the Society. During HKVNSAA's meridian period, apart from operating HKVNSAA School, it also established 2 primary schools (梁端卿小學 and 陶秀小學), 3 night schools and Kindergarten. With over 4000 students per year and great contribution of School Graduates / Alumni, HKVNSAA works alongside with the development of education in Hong Kong.

60 years have been passed. With the change of the society, majority of HKVNSAA's associated Schools were suspended because of different new Government's policies and strategies in Urban Redevelopment and Education Reformation. HKVNSAA's education rationale is still going on now and being carried forward in Hong Kong via the Kindergarten education. In recent years, HKVNSAA also starts the contribution in providing education in Mainland China. HKVNSAA develops Schools in Guangdong Province's Huaiji County, Guangxi Province's Fangchenggang City and Hunan Province's Xiangtan County. HKVNSAA sets up Education Funds in Mainland China so as to subsidize any child who need special help and funding in receiving Education.

Not only HKVNSAA has a long history in providing Education, it also takes an important role in offering professional teacher traning to those who work in Education industry. The founding of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association ("HKVNSAA") in 1928 was a milestone in art teacher training and early child education. HKVNSAA strongly believes that today's achievements are the efforts of everyone of us in the past. Let's continue the great education work in Hong Kong and Mainland China with our grateful hearts years and years.

Name of the Past Supervisor
蘇若蕙  (1946 - 1959)   Volunteer
梁端卿  (1959 - 1961)
莫儉傅  (1961 - 1966)
陳本照  (1966 - 1967)
張枝繁  (1967 - 1974)
鄭和益  (1974 - 1986)

黃子忠  (1987 - 2000)
甘建中  (2000 - 2005)
梁永義  (2005 - 2012)
區伯權  (2012 - 2018)
趙其琨  (Current)

*For the afordmentioned name list, there might be slightly deviation due to the aging of records.