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Open Day:(10thSep,2021)
  • We are excited to welcome you to our Open Day! We are aiming for a joyful and knowledgeable experience for the parents and children. If parents are interested in the above activities, please fill in the following form and return it before 17th September,2021. We look forward to seeing you. 》》》ENTER HERE《《《
Our school is now inviting applications for K1-K3 admission in the 2022/23 School Year:(25thAug,2021)
  • Our school is now inviting applications for K1-K3 admission. For enquiries, please call 23847272 or visit our school to collect the registration form. We look forward to see all of you joining our family.
Experience Day:(11thJun,2021)
  • In order to inform parents more about the life of our kindergarten, as well as children to allow children to feel the joy of going to school. we are launching the "Children's Campus Experience Day" activity. Interested parents please fill in the following form. The result will be through an email notification before 28th June,2021 (Monday). 》》》ENTER HERE《《《
Student Infected with COVID-19 :(15thMay,2021)
  • Our school was informed by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) at 8p.m. that one of our student from K1 has a confirmed case of COVID-19, the source is unknown. The student's last school day is 12th May,2021. The confirmed student stayed in the classroom for activities and did not participate in any group activity with other classes. The school has been strictly implementing cleaning and disinfection work, and the entire school staff also conduct regular inspections every 10 days. Upon learning of the incident, the school immediately set up a response team to coordinate various arrangements and make proper preparations. It will closely understand the relevant government departments and try its best to ensure that the affected parents and students receive better care during the quarantine period. The Protection Center issued an order to the school that 16 students in the same class, 10 staffs and related persons need to stay in a quarantine hotel for 14 days. The school will also suspend classes for 14 days from 15th May ,2021 to 29th May 2021. During this period, the school also started various follow-up tasks including regularly releasing the latest news to parents, following up with parents and students entering the quarantine hotel, and immediately arranging a professional cleaning company to go to the school today (15th May,2021) to conduct medical-grade deep disinfection work, etc. The school has been closely following the health of the teachers and students in the school. The sick child is currently staying in the hospital. The fever has recovered and the condition is stable. The class teacher tested negative yesterday (14th May,2021). The students in the same class are in good condition for the time being. We are now actively contacting the health department. The Department and other relevant departments will arrange tests to be conducted as soon as possible for the entire school and cooperate with the epidemic prevention arrangements. At the same time, we are thank you that the relevant authorities for arranging teachers and students to be quarantined in hotels in Kowloon to minimize the impact on students, parents, and staff. When the school receives further information from the government/Health Protection Center, we will inform you as soon as possible . If you have any questions, please contact our school staff at 2384 7272/6753 0555.
2020-2021 Parent Child Playgroup(Second semester):(7thJan,2021)
  • Our school has developed a parent child playgroup program which provides your child the best possible start in their educational journey. Our classes ensure your child transitions from playgroup with confidence and into kindergarten with a love of learning. Your child will develop emotional confidence, engage in physical activity, learn through music and movement, stories and sensory exposure. Please fill in the following form if you like to attend the event. The result will be announced before 30th January,2021 by WhatsApp. Please refer to the registration form for details. 》》》ENTER HERE《《《