Message from School Supervisor
It is very essential for younger children to grow up happily and healthily. School and parents are important stakeholders in a child’s development. We must provide a suitable environment to facilitate young children to develop their confidence and positive values towards life, so they can learn to appreciate their own strengths and to strive for the best. Hence, they can gain confidence and pride.

HKVNS Alumni Association Kindergarten(KCC) is an inclusive family. Our sponsoring body will continue to lead our teaching group in educating children in line with our school vision “Filial Piety, Brotherly Love, Loyalty, and Truthfulness”. Our school vision does not only stem from our Chinese heritage, it also carries the values and elements of our predecessors. We aim to design our curriculum so that young children can have a wholesome development. We want them to enjoy learning, and our teachers can enhance their effectiveness in communication. We also aim to instill a sense of commitment and creativity. This way, they are equipped to face the fast-changing future.

We take pride in working closely as partners with parents and the community in educating the next generation.

Professor Randy Chiu, M.H.